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Magnesium Chloride

I can't explain enough all benefits of Magnesium Chloride...  (just Google for "magnesium chloride" and educate yourself).

Magnesium Chloride Solution (internal use), is really good for helping with your digestion, improving your cardiovascular system, neurological system (better sleeping), relieves/cures arthritis, fybromalgia, speeds up the cicatrization process of open wounds, it helps to reduce/eliminate muscular pains, it restores dental enamel, and in general, it is great for boosting your immune system.  Many comprehensive medical studies have been conducted by several Universities (e.g., University of Oregon), but continually the Pharma Industry is persuading physicians to be silent and not speak about the benefits of this wonderful mineral as it is not patent-protected.  Physicians KNOW that magnesium chloride is key in more than 300 cellular and biological processes, as they learn this in the microbiology course, during their first years of formation as a physician.  This knowledge is specially critic today as current food industrial techniques produce food without the minerals and vitamins that used to be in our organic grown food...

I first learned about wanders of Magnesium Chloride back in August 2010, in Longueuil when I witnessed the "unexplained" and quick recovery of Guillermo Noriega, a good friend that literally was crying because of his back pains, as he suffered of a slipped disc, and was scheduled for surgery, but one week before the surgery a second x-ray revealed that his slipped disk disappeared even that it was confirmed by X-rays and later a cat-scan that took place two weeks before.

Since then, I've started drinking it with my wife first, and we saw higher energetic level; my wife saw a drastic improvement in her migraines & headaches, and I've notice that I can go to the bathroom effortless every morning.  Therefore, I've been recommending magnesium chloride to my relatives, friends, and anybody I can, as an evangelist... So far, out of 30+ people that I've recommended Mangesium Chloride via Oral intake, only 1 of them had declared that they saw none of the described effects, and one declared that only noticed a better sleeping.   All the rest changed their health condition significantly to the point of leaving their pain killers, etc.

Furthermore, as I continued researching about Magnesium Chloride, I later discovered that If you apply Magnesium Chloride concentrated (known as Magnesium Oil) directly over your skin, you can have the previously described benefits in a shorter period of time, specially good for muscular/joints/bone pains.

Lately, I've discovered that if you mix Magnesium Oil with Aloe Vera (this is known as Mangesium Gel), you get a really good oil for treating eczema, acne, etc., and also that magnesium gel is used in the Massage Therapy. 


You can buy a 250 ml solution for oral intake for CND 7-8 in the pharmacies, or you can buy a 250 ml Magnesium Oil bottle on-line for about CND 30-35.  We will be pleased to supply you with our:

MAGNESIUM OIL (Retail price kit 240ml $25)

Life sustaining, crystal clear, odor-free Magnesium Oil (Magnesium Chloride) is concentrated magnesium chloride extracted from sea water (450 mg per ml). For transdermal use only.

Usage Instructions for Magnesium Oil:

  1. Dilute oil with distilled water, 50/50 in a spray bottle, and cover body with about 12 sprays from head to toe after a shower.  Air dry is best. Rinsing isn’t necessary, but after 20-30 minutes it is okay to do so if the feeling is uncomfortable.  (Use daily.)  Spray onto the chest, directly over the heart. This nourishes the heart, which uses magnesium to maintain normal rhythm.

  2. Spray once or twice onto any sore or aching joints. Massage into skin.

  3. Spray into armpits, (great as a deodorant), behind the knees, and onto the tops of the feet. Massage in. These areas target the lymph system.

  4. Spray into your mouth and brush your teeth. Rinse and spit out. Do not swallow magnesium oil, because it is very concentrated. Helps with halitosis, plaque and gingivitis.

  5. Use diluted magnesium oil during a massage. This increases the coverage of magnesium across your entire body, and further increases absorption and circulation.

  6. Use in a bath. Pour ½ oz or more of magnesium oil into a bath, and soak for at least 30 minutes.

Using magnesium oil, truly astounding things can happen. Some people have reported the regrowth of deteriorated bone, cartilage, and even a regeneration of enamel on their teeth. Teeth have developed a pearly translucence as a result of regular brushing with magnesium oil.

More frequently, sufferers of arthritis in its many forms have turned to magnesium oil for near-instant relief from pain. Long term users of magnesium oil have experienced an improvement in the health of their bones, ligaments, and the afflicted joints. Of important note is the use of magnesium oil by sufferers of fibromyalgia, who often enjoy quick relief of this crippling pain.

For skin, magnesium oil may be used to rejuvenate wrinkled or damaged skin. Graying hair can be fed back to health by massaging magnesium oil into it each evening and left on overnight. Even bald or balding areas of the scalp have a chance of recovery when infused with this powerful mineral. This can also be applied to age spots. To induce the healing of scar tissue, massage essential oils frankincense, myrrh, and magnesium oil into the scar.

Transdermal Supplementation

Transdermal or topical refers to absorption through the skin. This has been found to be the easiest, cheapest, and most effective method of acquiring magnesium. The reason this occurs is because it cuts out the middle man: your digestive system. Absorption of magnesium in the intestines is very low, the excess being flushed out with other bodily wastes. This often causes diarrhea and can lead to kidney damage if continued for a long period of time.

When supplementing magnesium through your skin, this problem is no longer an issue. Wherever magnesium oil is applied to the skin, it is absorbed very quickly and is able to be spot-applied to any point of the body that has an obvious need for it.

Convert 50 ml of Magnesium Oil to prepare 1 litre of Magnesium Chloride solution

As a base for our comparison we'll use a 250 ml bottle of magnesium chloride solution branded "Adrien Gagnon" (which has an equivalent concentration of 2.37 mg/mL = 2.37 gr / litre of pure Magnesium Chloride) . 

The concentration of our Magnesium Oil is 157.5 mg/mL of equivalent pure magnesium chloride.  In other words, there are about 157.5 gr of equivalent pure Magnesium Chloride in one litre of magnesium oil solution.

Therefore, if you dilute a 50 ml container of magnesium oil (that contains about 7.875 gr of equivalent pure magnesium chloride) into 1 litre of boiled or distilled water, you will get a magnesium chloride solution with a concentration of 7.87 gr/litre or 7.87 mg/mL (this is about 3 times more concentrated than André Gagnon's solution). 

My family and I have been drinking this 7.87 mg/mL concentration of Magnesium Chloride every night, by taking two soup spoons per night diluted with apple juice in 200 ml glass to have an adult dose, and we are pretty happy with the results.

Remember NOT TO use metal spoons as Magnesium Chloride is a ionized salt, and exposing the solution to a metal would affect the ionized properties...


The Magnesium Chloride Flakes that we use are Genuine Zechstein® diluted in distilled water.  The Magnesium Chloride (flakes) we use it has the following Composition: 

  • Magnesium Chloride (31.5%),
  • Sodium Chloride (0.42%),
  • Potassium Chloride (0.32%),
  • More than 65% of water, and 

the following elements that are present in very low concentrations (for your reference, 1 ppm = 1/1,000,000 of the unit = 1 mg/1kg, or 1,000 ppm is close to 1 g = 0.1% of 1 Kg):

  • Calcium (71.1 ppm),
  • Iron (5.14 ppm),
  • Manganese (1.01 ppm),
  • Antimony (0.224 ppm),
  • Barium (0.209 ppm),
  • Copper (0.1 ppm),
  • Molybdenum (0.161 ppm),
  • Selenium (8.06 ppm),
  • Zinc (0.206 ppm).

We have a copy of the Chemical analysis certificate, which is available upon request.

NOTES: For your peace of mind, I am detailing the maximum daily intakes and related sources of these elements:

There is no better joy than sharing the benefits of Magnesium Oil with your love ones and friends. Doing so, you can help to build a healthier world. If you are interested in starting your own business reselling Magnesium Oil, contact the person who sold this kit to you. We can train you and provide the elements to produce your oil.

You can startup your business in two ways:

  1. Purchasing 250ml Magnesium Oil kits at discounted price (e.g., 4 kits for $80 or 8 kits for $120).
  2. Purchasing Magnesium Chloride Flakes 1 kg bags and containers and produce yourself magnesium oil.  In this case, we will support you with production and sales training, wholesale prices of Magnesium Chloride flakes, and with website support, for helping you to start your own business.

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