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Small Scale Aquaponics - From Fish Poop to Seafood Dinner Add Video

Tour a closed-loop water system where one critterapos;s wastes become anotherapos;s food. Inside a steamy greenhouse, Jeremy Roth of Aprovecho Centerapos;s Aquaculture Project shows us fish tanks containing tilapia just like you might order in a restaurant. Water from the tanks is pumped through troughs where pond plants take in the nutrients from the fish. Plant material is then returned to feed the fish in their tanks. The nutrient-rich water is also diverted to nourish veggies like chard, tomatoes, and water chestnuts rooted in a shallow gravel bar. In this cycle, aquaponics yields generous quantities of high quality protein from a very small footprint. Episode 242. [] Peak Moment TV exists because of viewers like you. Subscribe to news and donate at, right side. Thanks for being in the Peak Moment community. Visit Peak Moment on: BlipTV: Facebook:

Posted by Hernán Moraga on September 3, 2013 at 5:24 PM 753 Views

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