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The purpose of this Web-Site

By puting together this website, my intent is to share the practical knowledge that I had the chance to aquire, which would be helpful to anyone seeking to establish a self-sustaining living project, whereas it might be a country home, and educational project, or an Eco-Village. 


My intent is to publish in a classified, ordered manner, good videos, documents, tips, etc. that I had found and I will find in the Internet.  In general I will publish additional comments on the topics that I've personally tested or experienced.


Each reasource in this site is grouped into one of several categories:


  • Natural Health hidden wonders (e.g., Magnesium Chloride, Baking Soda, etc.)
  • Green Construction Techniques (e.g., Earth building with Cob, Adobe, Superadobe, etc.)
  • Green Technologies (eg., LED, Solar, etc.)
  • Sustainable Agriculture practices (e.g., Hydroponics, Permaculture, Biodynamics, Waste Water Management, etc.)
  • Open Source Technologies (e.g., Linux, OpenSource Farming, etc.)
  • Etc.


Also, I am offering some products that I believe would be of your interested.  So, I would encourage to visit teh Featured Products section to find more information about what I consider "must have" products.


I hope you may profit from visiting my web-site, and I encourage you to sign in for receving notifications of new content additions.


Thanks for visiting my site.



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