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Searching for Land for the Ecovillage

Posted by Hernán Moraga on October 4, 2011 at 12:40 AM

October 3th, 2011, Gatineau.

It's been almost two months since I've visited with my wife a nice farm in Williamsburg, New Brunswick.  It is a 105 acre farm withe two homes, an old barn, and three outside buildings, which has about 30 acre of farming land, more than 75 acres of wood lands, about 1,8 km internal road, two little brooks, and a natural pond.  It is just perfect !!!

As a developer of the Ecovillage, I am not interested in having the homes right now, as I live in Gatineau, QC (about 1,200 kms from Williamsburg).  So, I've asked the Realtor to try to find for me a co-buyer interested in purchasing the homes with 5 acres of land, so I would buy only the 100 acres of land.

My plan is to purchase the land first, then save some money, and start developing my Ecovillage...

After sharing my Ecovillage plans with the Realtor I was surprised having her so supportive.  In fact,  she has already found a young couple that would like to co-buy the farm with us.  Right now, we are in the process of getting the mortgage funding approved from a local Mortgage Broker.  It's been a longer than usual process, as lending institutions are not easy in lending to two unrelated buyers (even though that this would reduce the default risk, a basic concept of Economics 101), and because in this case, both of the buyers, have no credit history in Canada (and even that I have a pristine credit record from my country, reported by EQUIFAX, the SAME Credit Bureau service that operates in Canada), and one of them (e.g., me), lives outside New Brunswick...

Well, let's see if we can get the mortgage approved on a timely manner, as this property seems to be the perfecet farm for my Ecovillage project.  I believe that it will work out, because I feel that I am doing something with wide and deep implications that will touch so many people...

Let's see if the creation powers grant me this opportunity withe the Williamsburg property...

Hernan Moraga

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